A Zooniversity Shopping List

Think you spend a lot of time and money shopping for your family, your school or your library? We bet you don’t have these items on your shopping list or in your budget. Here’s a small sampling of what’s on Zooniversity’s monthly shopping list—a list only a wildlife educator could appreciate:


  • 40 lbs. fresh Spring Mix (that expensive salad and herb stuff served at elegant eateries—only the best for our animals)
  • 60 lbs. fresh seasonal vegetables
  • 40 lbs. sweet potatoes
  • 24 lbs. bananas
  • worms

  • 30 lbs. fresh seasonal fruit (especially mangoes, papayas and seasonal berries—these guys eat better than we do)
  • 25 lbs. parrot pellets
  • 4,000 live crickets
  • 500 live wax worms
  • 500 live superworms
  • hay

  • 4 jumbo rats, 8 medium rats, 32 adult mice, 32 pinkie rats and 40 pinkie mice (no, not alive—pre-killed, frozen and delivered by the FedEx man—bet he doesn’t know what’s in the box)
  • 50 lbs. of timothy hay (shipped from Missouri, where it’s the freshest and tastiest)
  • 60 gallons dechlorinated/filtered/ozonated water
  • 32 rolls paper towels
  • 150 lbs. wood shavings
  • detergent and bleach for 30 large loads of laundry
  • 2 liters hand sanitizer
  • 60 45-gallon plastic yard bags

And, this doesn’t include any of the specialty zoological dry and canned diets that are custom ordered and shipped for each of our special animal ambassadors—each one has their own labeled and sealed feed bin. What, kangaroo formula and prairie dog pellets aren’t on your current shopping list? Not a problem, they’re standing items on ours.

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