From the Mouth of Babes – Favorites 2008

possum W.C. Fields warned, "Never work with animals or children." Well, I guess I deserve what I get, since I work with animals AND children. It is always a jaw-dropping moment when some wide-eyed child responds to our presenter with a totally innocent, yet always humorous, quip. This year, we decided to write them down before they were lost forever. Here are some of our favorite ‘from the mouths of babes’ comments from 2008:

Presenter: "This big green iguana is not green right now, he’s orange. That’s because he’s a boy, and boy iguanas think they are more attractive to the females when they wear orange."  Birthday Boy: "My Daddy LOVES to wear orange."

Presenter: "We are now going to meet a rare rainforest creature (pause)…a kinkajou." Student: "God bless you!"

Presenter: "See how this tiny opossum can hang upside down by his tail to reach his dinner."  Student: "Teacher, what are those purple things? There, right there under his tail. They look like two big blueberries."

Presenter: "The hedgehog has 7,000 tiny hairs that he can stick straight up in the air—like 7,000 tiny needles." Birthday Girl: "Just like my Daddy after his hair transplant."

Presenter: "Now, we’re going to meet my daughter’s favorite animal." Student: "Daughter? You look too old to have a daughter."

Presenter: "This unusual lizard has two large expansion joints that run down the sides of his body. So, if he has a large meal, they can expand to let him eat two times more food at one sitting." Birthday Boy: "Wow, my grandma REALLY needed those at Thanksgiving."

Presenter: "Look at the hedgehog you’re holding—he’s sniffing for bugs. You don’t have any bugs, do you?" Birthday Boy: "Not any more. Mommy cut my hair off and took me to the doctor, so they’re all gone now."

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