Summer Survival at Zooniversity

Whew…summer is officially over for Zooniversity and we survived another crazy summer season! While many of you consider summer as a laid-back time to rest, relax, and lounge by the pool, summer for Zooniversity is a whirlwind of travel, shows, animal rescues, more travel and shows, feeding and cleaning, and even more travel and shows.

Summer Library CrowdAnd, we’re certainly not complaining. We are so grateful to the 200+ librarians, school administrators and camp counselors that invited us to teach their students this summer. We have traveled to all corners of Texas — from the pines of East Texas with stops in Mount Pleasant and Palestine, to the plateaus of West Texas with visits to Wichita Falls and Abilene, and to the balmy coast of South Texas with stops in Houston and Beaumont.  What a true joy to meet the more than 15,000 children and adults that braved the heat to come see our summer shows. We hope you enjoyed meeting us, as much as we enjoyed meeting you. How we love that Texas hospitality!

"Doggie" the black-tailed prairie dogThe animal ambassadors in our "Native Texas Critters" program visited more than 60 libraries across the state this summer. The stars of the show were most definitely "Doggie," one of our black-tailed prairie dogs, who helped teach about the plight of the tall grass prairie and its inhabitants, and "Teddy Bear" the North American porcupine"Teddy Bear," our 20-lb. North American porcupine, who liked to introduce himself to our audiences through Allison’s microphone. Your adoration definitely went to the animals’ heads — they’ve become stage divas! We hope our presentation on the fragility of our Texas ecosystems helped to inspire a few young minds to learn more.

A hearty and most sincere thank you to all our clients and our audiences for another memorable summer — we hope we’ve given you a few memories to cherish, too.

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