Good Night, Sweet “Faith”

"Faith" the fennec foxZooniversity lost one of its most precious teachers today, our sweet 10-year old fennec fox named "Faith." Faith spent years traveling to schools, libraries, and private events, teaching people about this elusive, and beautiful, desert species. She spent the last seven years with us, battling many  obstacles — juvenile cataracts, glaucoma, prosthetic eye surgery, and in her final year, cancer. Faith lost her battle today against the spindle-cell sarcoma that crippled her leg and then spread to the rest of her frail 3-pound body. Thank you Faith for teaching us more than we ever could have imagined. You served the world with grace and dignity and will long be remembered by those whose lives you touched. Rest now, sweet girl. May heaven smile when they hear your sweet fennec squeals of joy.

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2 Responses to Good Night, Sweet “Faith”

  1. Richard says:

    That’s so sad… I’m glad she lived a long life, though. God will be happy to have her squealing at him for treats.

    Good luck with your loss…

  2. michaela and aidan says:

    faith came to my brother, aidans b-day party 3 years ago. we are very sad to here that faith has past. we will love her forever!!!!

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