Time Again to Book for Summer Reading 2011!

Librarians across Texas have barely caught their breath from this summer’s crazy schedule and here I am recomending they book now for Summer Reading 2011. It’s best to book your summer programming before the NETLS, NTRLS, or CTLS conferences, or your favorite vendors may already be booked-up. No deposit is required. Nothing to risk to hold your reservation. Call 972-979-9847 or write now to book your favorite dates and times, before they’re all gone!

"Animals That Dig!"

"Animals That Dig," Our Fennec FoxThe Texas State Library Commision has selected "Dig Up a Good Book" as next summer’s school-age theme. We’ll be offering a new course to match the theme: "Animals That Dig!" As always, we’ll be featuring rescued animals your readers haven’t met in the previous two years, so you’re guaranteed a fresh new show. Or, if you prefer, you can ask us to teach one of our other 18 memorable programs.

Pricing & Travel Fees

To help with your budget crunch, we’ve not increased our pricing. Both our large group stage shows and our small group classroom programs still start at $225. Travel fees are charged for any location beyond 50 miles roundtrip from our North Dallas location. You can cut your travel charges in half or more if you plan ahead — help us to book a neighboring library (or two) on the same day and we’ll split the travel charges, making it affordable for even the smallest libraries.

Preschool, ‘Tween & Teen, and Adult & Senior Programming, Too!

You may not know that some of our most popular programming is designed for other age groups. We can adjust our curriculum and animal selections to appeal to preschoolers (3 years and older only), ‘tweens & teens (no "baby" programming here), and your adult and senior audiences. We’re happy to refer you to librarians where these shows have been a HUGE success — they’ve been some of our favorites, too! Animals are fascinating for all ages — keep us in mind for year-round programming and for all age groups.

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2 Responses to Time Again to Book for Summer Reading 2011!

  1. Kathy Stanford says:

    Hi, as Easter approaches, many rabbits will be bought as pets and many will be given up later because people don’t know how to care for them….also baby chicks and ducklings. Do any of you and/or your librarians have books you’d recommend on bunny care and on chickens and ducks? For adults and kids would be great! Thanks!
    Kathy Stanford
    Celina, TX

  2. Allison says:

    Hi Kathy — Abandoned easter animals are a chronic problem. We recommend the best bunny care info can be found at the House Rabbit Society. If a family reads up and makes a long-term decision to add a buuny to their home, they should adopt from a reputable rabbit rescue. Our local DFW rescue is the North Texas Rabbit Rescue. Anyone have great sources for chicken or duck care info?
    Allison – Zooniversity

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