Meet “Diego” — A Four-Eyed Opossum

Ahhh, a baby four-eyed opossum (Philander opossum) . No, he doesn’t have four eyes. But, the unusual facial markings give the illusion of four eyes — a great way to keep predators at bay in the rain forests of Central and South America. Meet "Diego," Zooniversity’s newest animal ambassador.

This sweet baby has been with us for a couple of months now and is tame and gentle and has already been traveling to meet our school students and party guests. He was shared with us by another wildlife expert, who found this lone, unclaimed baby in a sleeping poach when cleaning a cage full of adults. His name? Thanks to a plea for a suitable name on our Facebook page, we had lots of imaginative suggestions. One of our favorite librarians suggested "Diego," Greek for "teacher," and a name that is quickly recognized by any child under the age of 15 years as that cute, cartoon boy, who rescues rainforest creatures — what could be more appropriate?

This sweet, nocturnal marsupial will soon grow to be the size of a large kitten, especially at the rate he’s been chowing down on bugs and tropical fruit. He has bonded to our keepers and he is easy to hold and to pet. Be sure to invite him to your next event — he may even show you how he hangs upside down by his tail!

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