Teddy Bear the porcupine likes his Pot-O-Gold!

Teddy Bear, the North American porcupine, is back yet again to fascinate his wildlife-living friends with his talkative antics. Listen carefully to his Teddy’s St. Patrick’s Day video:

"Is it pretty good?" "Not bad…not bad."

"What do you say on St. Patrick’s Day?’ "I’m a Lepri-CORN!"

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RIGHT THIS MINUTE, March 15, 2012.

FOX News’ RED EYE, March 16, 2012 (at 04:00)

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2 Responses to Teddy Bear the porcupine likes his Pot-O-Gold!

  1. Ruth Secrest says:

    I get such a kick from Teddy Bear and his conversations. When I have a less than perfect day, I turn to Teddy for a giggle.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Ruth do you “interview” Teddy Bear?

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