Meet “Mira,” the Baby Genet

Jeepers, creepers, will you look at those peepers! Meet "Mira," a baby large-spotted genet that has joined our 2012 summer wildlife program, "Zoo’s Clues." Mira was born at another USDA-licensed facility in South Texas and her keepers have asked us to foster Mira for the next couple of months, while they tend to a newborn human baby. The genet is found in Spain, Portugal, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and in the savannas of Central and Southern Africa. They are meat-eaters and are one of the world’s most cunning hunters. As a big girl, she will be nearly the size of a housecat and will be able to leap 8-foot straight down from her perch in a tree to catch prey, and then jump 8-foot straight back up to eat her dinner in privacy. They are nocturnal and, although catlike in appearance, they are NOT feline. They are classified as viverrids and are related to the civet and binturong. Join us at one of our free 2012 summer library programs to meet one of nature’s most stunning (and cunning) creatures. "Mira" mean beautiful in Middle Eastern languages and "look" in Spanish. We just think she’s beautiful to look at.

UPDATE: MIRA IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR PROGRAMS. Mira traveled with us all summer and taught more than 10,000 people about genets during our 2012 summer tour. We thank her for being such a perfect teacher and we miss her. She has been returned to her facility and will spend her life as nature intended — just being a genet!

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2 Responses to Meet “Mira,” the Baby Genet

  1. MsLynn says:

    She is a beautiful girl, she will be a great teacher, helper for Teddy Bear.

  2. asm says:

    love this!!!!!!!!!!

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