Meet “Lone Star Luke” — Our Texas Weather Forecaster!

GroundhogIs it a beaver? A porcupine? A badger? Nope, it’s “Lone Star Luke” — an adorable, roly-poly groundhog (aka woodchuck)!

Luke joined Zooniversity as a little guy who needed a new mama. So, our head zookeeper, Allison, became Luke’s new mommy. Luke has been traveling all summer as part of our new “Where the Wild Things Are!” program. By the end of the summer, Luke will have traveled to 72 libraries across Texas and numerous summer camps, day cares and private events.

We have high hopes for lil’ Luke as our newest famous Zooniversity critter. Every Groundhog Day, February 2nd, we all religiously tune-in the TV to watch “Punxsutawney Phil,” a Pennsylvania groundhog, try to forecast the arrival of Spring. Unfortunately, Phil the groundhog is not a very good weather forecaster! So, we have high hopes that “Lone Star Luke” will more accurately be able to predict the arrival of Texas’ Springtime! Heck, if Zooniversity can have a famous porcupine (“Teddy Bear” the porcupine — a viral video star and famed Super Bowl prognosticator), then certainly we should have a groundhog who can accurately predict the weather! Tune in next February 2nd and see if “Luke” makes the right call.

Be sure to invite lil’ Luke to your next stage show, classroom program, private meet-n-greet, or birthday party. (He’ll be expecting a belly rub.)

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2 Responses to Meet “Lone Star Luke” — Our Texas Weather Forecaster!

  1. The Zooniversity program presented at the Bertha Voyer Memorial Library in Honey Grove, TX was excellent. Such a great traveling “special animals “sharing session.

  2. Sindhu Kakani says:

    The Zooniversity program at Redeemer Montessori school is really cool!!