Cover photo feature from The Celina Record: Learning at the Zooniversity

Allison Blankenship of Zooniversity with Spotted Genet (L) and porcupine (R)

Penny Rathburn, photographer, The Celina Record; June 3, 2004

Left: Allison Blankenship, owner of Zooniversity, shows one of the more exotic creatures on the campus. She brought a few of her animals to Celina as part of the Celina Community Library’s summer program. On her shoulder is a genet. Though the animal looks and purrs like a cat, it is a member of the Viverridae family, related to civets and mongooses.

Right: This North American porcupine enjoys an after-show Fig Newton at the Celina Community Library last week. He was part of the Zooniversity that also included a desert fox, a parrot and a tarantula.