Complete Course List


Choose from our fun list of courses or ask us to custom-build a course to supplement your lesson plans or match your child’s interests. All programs correlate to STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) requirements.

Fun for Everyone! (mixed-age audiences)

  • Meet the Animals 101 – Our most flexible course—you choose all your favorites! Totally customize your program by selecting all your favorite critters.
  • Zooniversity® Favorites 102  – Let us bring the most-requested Zooniversity® favorites to your event! Meet our line-up of proven MVPs—the creepy, the cute and the just plain noisy.
  • Animals Around the World 103 – Meet animals from every corner of the globe! Close your eyes and we’ll take you there. Let your imagination soar as you visit unique habitats and meet the fascinating creatures that live there. Our most popular stage show.
  • Zoo’s Clues 104 – Get a clue! Try to guess what animal is to be presented via fun facts and wild clues — then see if you’re right!
  • Animals That Dig 105 – Meet animals that dig, burrow, excavate, plow and use their underground spaces for all sorts of animal antics.

Preschool Favorites (ages 3-Kindergarten)

Simplified themes and lots of recitation keep the youngest audiences engaged the entire time.

  • How Animals Move 201 – Get ready to wiggle and squiggle! A fun look at how animals move. Learn from animals that crawl, swim, jump, slither, climb, hang by their tail, hop, etc.
  • Animal Body Coverings 202 – A close-up look at animals with different body coverings. A hands-on treat—learn about exoskeletons, shells, spines, bumpy skin, scales, feathers, etc.
  • What Animals Eat 203 – Yum, yum, worms for breakfast! Learn about animals that eat only bugs (insectivores), plants (herbivores), fruit (frugivores), meat-eaters (carnivores), and those who eat it all (omnivores).
  • Where Animals Live 204 – Meet fascinating friends who live in the world’s wildest places—hot jungles, wooded forests, grassy prairies, dry deserts, bubbling brooks, wet rainforests, snowy mountains and even in your home!

Specialty Courses (1st grade-adults)

  • Creepies and Crawlies: Arthropods 301 – Learn the secrets of the animal underworld. A detailed introduction to arthropod anatomy, behavior, feeding, molting and defensive behaviors. It’ll drive you buggy!
  • Scales and Tails: Amphibians & Reptiles 302 – Wiggle, slither, creep, crawl, and leap! Chill-out with cold-blooded friends of all shapes and sizes (including the big boys) to learn phyum characteristics, feeding, defense and lots of surprising animal facts.
  • Fur and More Fur: Mammals 303 – Snuggle up with fur and more fur and learn about these warm-blooded wonders. The class reviews phylum characteristics, unique habitats, adaptive anatomy, feeding, defense and weird animal behaviors.
  • Rainforest Adventures 304 – One of our most popular stage shows! Learn about the plight of our vanishing rainforests and meet fantastic creatures from rainforests around the world.
  • African Safari 305 – Have an African safari come to you! Meet wonderful and unique African animals and learn how they’ve adapted to life in the desert, savanna, forests, jungle and islands of the Dark Continent.
  • Desert Oasis 306 – Scorching sun, dry winds, pelting sands and not a drop of water—how do creatures survive in the world’s most arid habitats? Meet the desert nomads and the oasis-dwellers who’ve adapted to life in extreme conditions and learn their techniques for survival.
  • Native Texas Critters 307 – Meet your next-door critter neighbors! A close-up look at fascinating creatures that live here in our Texas woods, prairies, streams, deserts, mountains and our very own backyard.
  • Snake Encounters 308 – Meet amazing legless creatures from around the world and learn how these slithery serpents catch and eat their dinner, what behaviors they use to fool predators and prey, how they shed their skin, and learn what to do if you just happen to meet one in the wild or in your own backyard.
  • Vanishing Treasures 309 – Extinction is forever. This may be your last chance to meet some very special protected species before it’s too late. Learn how these wild populations are threatened by habitat loss, over-collection by the pet trade and extermination by humans.
  • Creatures of the Night 310 – In the dark of night lurk some of nature’s most unique creatures. Meet some of the planet’s cutest (or creepiest!) nocturnal species and learn how they have adapted to living with the lights out.
  • Amazing Adaptations 311 – The law of nature ensures that only the strongest survive. And, over time, the strongest creatures have learned to alter their behavior, their defenses, and even their anatomy, to gain a better chance for survival. Meet some of our adaptation experts and see up-close how they have become the ultimate survivors.