Exotics Exhibit

Exotics Exhibit

Summary Information

Group size

Large group, festival-style events


  • 8-12 ft. display tables with animal artifacts and educational specimens
  • Live exotic animals on display for guests to admire or touch
  • Uniformed zookeeper offers casual animal presentations as guests circulate
  • Live touch animals rotated every 15 minutes
  • Indoors (no mess)

Exotic animal displays for festivals, open houses and theme parties

Introduce your event guests to the fascinating world of exotic animals! These educational, yet fun, animal display tables are the ideal addition to your festival, open house or theme party. We set-up a decorative display table loaded with animal artifacts, educational specimens and live animals for your guests to see and to touch. Exotics Exhibits are designed for large groups and festival-style events where guests circulate and scheduled “sit-down shows” would be impractical. Great for your community or corporate event.

Read Exotics Exhibit Details to learn how Exotics Exhibit works and to review our set-up requirements.



Time Weekdays
5 pm or earlier
Weekends, Holidays OR
Weekdays after 5pm
2-hour minimum $665 $765
3rd and subsequent hours +$295 each add’l hour +$345 each add’l hour

Fees are pro-rated for partial hours.

Travel Fee

An additional travel fee is charged if you are located beyond 50 roundtrip miles from our North Dallas-based facility. Contact us with the street address of your event, in order to receive a fixed travel fee quote.

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