Exotics Exhibit Details

Exotics Exhibit

Exotics Exhibit is a favorite crowd-pleaser for festivals, carnivals, open house-style events, and theme parties. Some of our clients have found that it can also generate increased revenue—by charging extra fees or tickets for visitors to see our special exhibit. Big audience attendance is possible, so please take the time to carefully read through this section to insure a fun and safe time for all—and a smooth-running, effortless event for you.

How does the Exotics Exhibit work?

We set-up a 8-12-ft. decorative display table loaded with animal artifacts, educational specimens and live exotic animals for your guests to enjoy. A uniformed zookeeper will be stationed at the table to meet your guests and to introduce them to these unique creatures. Our animal expert will offer casual presentations on where the animals come from, what they eat, interesting behaviors, how they defend themselves, etc. A minimum of 12 species of small, live exotic animals will be in secure, acrylic displays for your guests to admire. In addition, a minimum of two additional live animals will be out for your guests to meet and to touch. We rotate our live touch animals every 15 minutes to avoid stress and to give your guests an opportunity to meet other tame species.

Is it safe to touch the animals?

We teach your guests a safe way to touch the animals and we maintain control of the animals at all times—so everyone is perfectly safe. Due to general safety precautions, children under the age of 3 years will not be allowed to touch the animals. An FDA-approved hand sanitizer is provided for your guests to use after meeting the animals. We reserve the right to eliminate the touch portion of the program or to not show the animals if your guests are disruptive or if they fail to follow the safety rules.

What kind of set-up do you need?

We conduct the program indoors—no mess involved. We no longer conduct outdoor presentations. We just need an area approximately 15-ft. wide by 4-ft. deep to set-up our display tables. We request that you assign us an area as far away as possible from announcers, loudspeakers, live musicians, and other animal exhibitors. Please select a climate-controlled, ground floor location (we cannot climb stairs safely with crates, but elevators are acceptable). Avoid rooms with large mirrors, helium balloons or hanging decorations, as they frighten some animals. An ideal set-up is an enclosed room with an entry and an exit door or a dead-end hallway—a self-contained space helps to control the flow of visitors. We require one 8-ft. or two 6-ft. long rectangular tables be provided and set-up upon our arrival. Animal-themed drapes will be provided by Zooniversity® or we are happy to use your event’s decorations. We would also greatly appreciate a reserved parking space close to the unloading area and near the presentation space.

Will you need any help?

If your event only includes 100-150 guests, no assistance should be necessary. If your event is open to hundreds of guests, then it will be necessary to regulate the flow of guests that enter and exit the exhibit area and to prevent the exhibit from being swarmed or your guests from waiting too long to enter. Rope stanchions marking a visitor entry and exit path are extremely helpful. In addition, two or more adult volunteers will be needed to collect tickets (if used), to control the inflow of visitors at a steady pace, and to encourage visitors to move along should the flow be delayed. Our zookeepers will be pre-occupied with visitor questions and safe animal handling, so we’ll leave crowd management issues to your expert staff!

How does the time scheduling work?

We will arrive at your location 30 minutes before start time to set-up for the exhibit. Be sure to book us at the time you want us to START the exhibit. Please understand that we must stay on schedule, as we have other client commitments.

What is your payment process?

Deposits are not required from recognized businesses and organizations. Unless otherwise prearranged, payment in full is due upon arrival on the day of the event, prior to set-up, payable by cash, business check or money order. Personal checks will not be accepted from business clients. Payment by credit card is available with an additional a 3.5% convenience fee. Gratuities for the presenter are not required, but are gratefully accepted if you feel your presenter did an outstanding job or exceeded your expectations.