Zoo School

Zoo School

Summary Information


1st-6th graders

Group size

Minimum 20 students, maximum 35 students


  • 12-week series of classes
  • Lecture, discussion and live, exotic demonstration animals
  • Follow-along workbooks and take home exercises for each student
  • Independent student projects
  • Indoors (no mess)

Multi-week series of classes for schools, homeschool and after-school groups


Zoo School is a 12-week series of fun, hands-on zoology classes that is the perfect solution for schools, homeschool or after-school groups looking for life science enrichment. It is designed for elementary age students in 1st-6th grades and offers both a BASIC and an ADVANCED option.

Each 45-minute class is taught at the student’s location and features a combination of lecture, discussion and live demonstration animals. Each student is provided with follow-along student workbooks and take-home exercises. Students will also complete a semester-long independent project and present it to the class for sharing of their new found knowledge. Perfect for young conservationists and aspiring zoologists!

Zoo Schools Around the Metroplex

If you’d like to be contacted with next semester’s registration details, contact us and ask to be added to our Zoo School mailing list.

Bring Zoo School to Your Students!

Would you like to organize a Zoo School in your area? We are seeking site coordinators to organize Zoo Schools for their school, homeschool, or after-school group. Site coordinators are asked to secure an indoor location and serve as the group’s organizer, student recruiter, and registrar — in return, you earn free tuition for one student. Read all the “how to’s” on our Site Coordinator Information page.

Our Secular Teaching Approach

Parents — we want to be sure you are aware that we teach secular curricula. We believe that our role is to teach zoological science and your role is to instill personal belief systems. Our personal beliefs will NEVER be evident to our students, but, as a “science” company, we DO teach currently-accepted scientific principles. Topics such as animal adaptations and natural selection are included in BASIC Zoo School. And, the impact of human intrusion and climatic changes on wildlife are taught in ADVANCED Zoo School. If your family’s personal beliefs do not align with this approach to teaching zoology and conservation, then this is probably not the program for you. Our mission is to instill a love of wildlife and nature by sharing the latest scientific information…we’ll leave the rest to you.

BASIC: Introduction to Zoology (1st-3rd grade)

Unit 1:  Arthropods I – Insects
Unit 2:  Arthropods II – Arachnids
Unit 3:  Amphibians
Unit 4:  Reptiles I – Turtles
Unit 5:  Reptiles II – Lizards
Unit 6:  Reptiles III – Snakes
Unit 7:  Birds
Unit 8:  Mammals I – Insectivores & Frugivores
Unit 9:  Mammals II – Herbivores
Unit 10:  Mammals III – Carnivores & Omnivores
Unit 11:  Student Project Presentations I
Unit 12:  Student Project Presentations II & Graduation

ADVANCED: Animal Habitats & Conservation (3rd-6th grade)

Prerequisite: Completion of BASIC Zoo School or previous exposure to 3rd-6th grade-level life science curriculum.

Unit 1:  Desert
Unit 2:  Grasslands — African Savanna
Unit 3:  Grasslands — American Prairie
Unit 4:  Forest
Unit 5:  Freshwater Pond
Unit 6:  Tropical Rainforest
Unit 7:  Wetlands
Unit 8:  Marine
Unit 9:  Mountain
Unit 10:  Your Backyard
Unit 11:  Student Project Presentations I
Unit 12:  Student Project Presentations II & Graduation


Zoo School requires a minimum of 20 students and can accommodate up to 35 students. Tuition is $200 per student, plus a $15 materials fee; total fee is $215 per student. Locations beyond the immediate Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex may require an additional travel fee. Custom pricing for smaller groups is available.