Zoo School Site Coordinator Info

Zoo School

Zoo School is only possible with the volunteer efforts of parents and school staff who offer to be our site coordinators. They help us to bring Zoo School to their school, homeschool, or afterschool community.

Site Coordinator Duties

As a site-coordinator, you’ll be asked to do the following:

  1. secure a fee-free indoor location for the class
  2. select the day of the week and time for class to start (Mon-Thurs)
  3. actively market the class to your community
  4. collect student registrations and tuition deposits
  5. provide one adult to be on-site each class

In Exchange, Free Tuition
In return, you’ll receive free tuition for any Zoo School location for one of your students.

Step One: Secure a Location

The first step is to secure a fee-free, indoor space large enough to sit all the students in a large circle on the floor. Be sure to tell the location owner that there is no mess involved (we promise!). Obviously, it needs to be climate-controlled and comfortable for the students and the animals. Other site coordinators have used schools, church classrooms, karate studios, libraries, and city recreation centers. One trick to increase attendance is to offer Zoo School at a location where the student can stay for a second enrichment class offered by the location owner — such as a karate, gymnastics, dance, or art class. This gives the location owner a reason to allow us to use their facility — we offer the potential for a student group they wouldn’t have had otherwise. We help each other to bring in students (so smart of those site coordinators who first thought of this!).

Step Two: Decide Day & Time for Weekly Classes

The second step is to decide the day of the week and time of day for classes. Once you have a location, we’ll need to jointly decide on the calendar and block these time slots FAST on both Zooniversity’s and the location owner’s calendars. Zooniversity® will select the actual calendar dates to cover all 12 weeks – Fall semester is mid-September through mid-December, Spring semester is mid-January through mid-April (skipping the traditional holiday dates, of course).

Step Three: Market Zoo School to Your Community

Once you have the location and day/time committed, then it’s time to actively market the school within your community. Zooniversity® will provide you with a PDF flyer with all the program details, dates, tuition costs, and a registration page for you to distribute. The PDF file will also be added to the Zoo School web page, so you can easily email out the web page link, instead of a file attachment. Interested parents will be asked to contact you for more info and to register by mail with a deposit check. You are welcome to use whatever emails, newsletters, websites & forums, etc., you see fit to get the word out. Have fun being creative!

Step Four: Collect Registrations & Deposit Checks

The tuition is $120 per student. The parent will download the registration form and send you the registration form and a $40 deposit check per student (1/3 of the tuition). The registration and deposit deadline is usually one month before the start of class — this is the “go” or “no go” decision date for each Zoo School. The minimum number of students we need to “make” class is 20. The maximum number is 35 students. First come, first served. It will also be wise to start a waiting list, in case we max-out and do have drop-outs.The balance  of $80 per student will be due by the first day of class.  Tuition should be paid by check or Money Order, payable to Zooniversity LLC.

Step Five: Provide One Adult to be On-Site Each Class

Parents usually readily volunteer to to assist with one class each semester (they are always curious) — so, a quick email will easily generate a list of adult volunteers One on-site adult is required each class to assist in student check-in and to help younger students with work. And, in today’s often litigious society, Zooniversity® requires an adult to witness classroom conduct for our own protection.

So, You Still Want to Be a Zoo School Site Coordinator?

It’s simple, contact us by phone or email and we can get a Zoo School started in your community.