News ItemMeet “Oscar” the Virginia Opossum

Oscar the Virginia Opossum

Nov 20, 2015 – 

No, this is not an ugly kitty. Meet “Oscar,” our Virginia Opossum. Poor little Oscar was found as a tiny mouse-sized baby, baking on a hot sidewalk at Dallas’ Galleria shopping center on a 98F summer day. A good samaritan scooped him up and brought him to us tucked inside of a coffee can. Oscar was in serious trouble. He was extremely dehydrated and his body temperature was off the charts. We cooled him down and immediately started intensive hydration therapy, later introducing opossum formula. Somehow, miraculously, he survived. He does have some neurological damage from the high body temperature and he cannot grip or balance very well, so we cannot release him back into the wild. Oscar has made Zooniversity his permanent happy home. He spends his days napping in a cozy bed and awakes at night to explore and feast on a balanced opossum diet (as prescribed by the National Opossum Society). He is an amazing “teacher,” sharing his expertise as an urban surviver and teaching about his contributions to backyard ecosystems. He enjoys a good cuddle and gentle petting and may even groom you — he doesn’t think humans are clean enough to be opossums!

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