News ItemWild Things

Jul 13, 2005 – 

by Henrietta Goldsmith, photographer, Coppell Gazette


TOP: Shreya Chandrie, left, and Sherya Kouda have a hard time meeting the Tanzanian giant black millipede—after all, it has 600 legs!

BOTTOM RIGHT: Children at the Coppell Public Library look as if they are screaming from fear. Actually, they are opening their mouths as much as they can only to realize that it does not come close to how big a snake’s mouth can open to eat its meal.

BOTTOM LEFT: Zooniversity is a traveling wildlife education company that introduces children and adults to the world of exotic animals. Allison Blankenship came to the Coppell Public Library Tuesday afternoon and showed children six exotic animals from around the world. Can you see the bearded dragon on her shirt?

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