News ItemZooniversity Earns “Straight A’s”

Mar 24, 2008 – 

Zooniversity, the Dallas-based wildlife education company, has earned “straight A’s” from its clients in a recent customer satisfaction survey.

The company launched its “Zooniversity Report Card,” a post-event evaluation tool, in late 2007. Hundreds of report cards have been returned and Zooniversity has earned an “A” average in every one of 15 areas of evaluation. The report card allows clients to grade the company on each customer touch-point, from their first website visit and phone contact to invoicing, timely arrival, audience management skills, appearance of animals, and even the knowledge of the presenter. Respondents awarded a grade of “A” to “F” for each category, based on the classic school grading system. In addition, Zooniversity was awarded an “A” for the all important “Overall Audience Satisfaction” category.

Most importantly, 100% of Zooniversity’s clients responded that they “would definitely recommend zooniversity to a friend or colleague.” This correlates with the company’s claim that 70% of its annual business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

The report card also asks for qualitative feedback. Respondents were asked what the company did well and where it needed to improve. “Accolades are heart-warming, but they don’t tell us where we need to concentrate our improvement efforts,” stated Zooniversity’s owner, Allison Blankenship. “We’re going to use the Report Card as an active tool to fine-tune our services for continuous improvement. We’re getting our best new ideas directly from our clients.” Zooniversity plans to continue using the Report Card as a long-term evaluation tool.

Zooniversity LLC is a privately-owned wildlife education company that delivers more than 600 zoology enrichment classes, stage shows and exhibits each year at schools, day cares, libraries, churches, scouts, community and corporate events and private parties throughout Texas and surrounding states. The Dallas-based company’s wildlife programs feature more than 50 animal ambassadors—all former abandoned, injured or abused exotic animals, who now have a permanent home with Zooniversity. It is fully insured, federally licensed by the USDA, and holds all the required state, county and city permits for the animals in their care.

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