Animal Actors

Zooniversity Prairie Dog and Dallas Desperados’ Cheerleader for “Texas-Style Groundhog Day” publicity event, sponsored by Palm Beach Tan.

“Tasha,” our fennec fox, in a Pier One advertisement.

Our comical prairie dogs, “Doggie” and “Dexter,” in a Pier One catalog.


“Peppermint” the hedgehog in an artistic image.

Exotic Animals for Media and Photo Shoots

Need a unique animal for film, television or advertising work? Our tame, exotic animals are available for motion or still media shoots. Some are even trick-trained and will follow simple commands.

Available Animals

You have a choice of more than 50 different species of exotic animals. Meet our animals.


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“Simon” the iguana in Macy’s internal video.

Terminex Shoot

Creepy roaches for a Terminix campaign.

Thor in Trinity Railway Express Ad

“Thor” the macaw on a billboard for Trinity Railway Express.