Animal Party Ideas

Kids' Party Ideas

When you attend hundreds of children’s birthday parties each year, you get to see the best of the best. Here are some great ideas for a successful animal themed children’s party. Send me your animal party ideas to share with other party planning parents!

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Know, Before You Hire Someone with Animals

Animal Party Themes

  • Jungle Party
  • Rainforest Party
  • Crocodile Hunter Party
  • Reptile Party
  • Safari Party
  • Bug Party
  • Ladybug Party
  • Snake Party
  • “Lions, Tigers and Bears – Oh, My!” Party
  • “It’s a Jungle in Here!” Party
  • Zoo Party

Animal Party Agenda

The perfect animal party is scheduled for 2 hours:

0:00-0:30 – Guests arrive, have an organized craft or adult-led games waiting for them
0:30-1:15 – Quiet, sit-down wildlife education program
1:15-2:00 – Meal (if serving one), cake, presents, party favors and back out-the-door!

Please, NEVER allow the guests to “just play” indoors or outdoors during the 30-minute arrival time—it turns the party into an unenjoyable, chaotic event. Bounce houses are the worst for this and, invariably, someone always gets hurt in the excitement. Give yourself, your guests, the adults in attendance, and the wildlife educator, a big break by offering a calming craft project or adult-led organized games (see ideas below) before show time. Keep the party kids focused and having fun and your party will be remembered fondly for years to come.

Animal Party Invitations



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Animal Party Decorations



See our “Animal Party Decorations” Board — LOTS of great ideas!


Animal Party Food



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Animal Party Cakes & Cupcakes



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Animal Party Crafts & Activities



See our “Animal Party Crafts & Activities” Board – LOTS of great ideas!


Animal Face Painters

There are local face painters in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who do a great job painting animal faces as a treat for your guests. I can recommend Miss Sharon’s Face Painting, 817-329-1659.

Animal Party Favors



See our “Animal Party Favors” Board — LOTS of great ideas!


Environmentally Friendly Party Favor – One of the coolest and most environmentally-friendly party favors is to give each guest a container of live ladybugs (you can find them at your local feed store or garden center in the spring or summer) and instruct your guests to release them into their yard when they get home. A natural and fun predator that will eat all their garden’s aphids!

Mail Order – Oriental Trading Company has a broad selection of inexpensive animal theme costumes, craft projects, novelties and party supplies.

Local Shopping – U.S. Toy/Constructive Playthings has the best party favors in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. There is an entire aisle of animal themed items alone! Located at the Plaza Parkway Shopping Center, northwest corner of West Parker Road and Independence Parkway, Plano, 972/964-8600.

Special Animal Gift Ideas

In Lieu of Presents – Have just too many presents each year? How about asking your guests to forego another toy purchase –ask them to bring an item for a needy local no-kill animal shelter instead. You and the birthday child will then have the joy of delivering lots of much needed items to a shelter of your choice. Here are some local DFW no-kill shelters who have lots of donation ideas on their wish-lists: Operation KindnessHumane Society’s Dog & Kitty CityDFW Humane SocietyEast Lake Pet Orphanage, and Lexee’s Legacy.

Adopt An Animal – Bring a very special gift to an animal-loving child. “Adopt an Animal” from one of the international conservation associations and they’ll send you an adorable adoption package, including a stuffed animal and adoption certificate. And, the proceeds go directly to support wildlife efforts around the globe. Here are some great adoption options: The National Wildlife FoundationThe World Wildlife Fund, and Defenders of Wildlife.