Party Pets

Party Pets

Summary Information


Children turning 6 years and up, 'tweens, teens, adults and seniors

Group size

  • 6 or 7-year old parties, 15 children maximum
  • 8-year olds to seniors, 20 child/guest maximum
  • More than 20 guests, see our Stage Stars program


  • Fun 45-minute educational animal encounter
  • Party guest-of-honor featured as Assistant Zookeeper and may hold each animal
  • You hand-pick your favorite 6 animals
  • Guests may gently touch each animal
  • Indoor program (no mess)

Fun party programs for ages 6 years and up, ‘tweens, teens, adults & seniors

Voted “Best Party Entertainer” in Dallas/Fort Worth for the last SEVEN years in a row!

The ideal way to add an educational, yet fun, element to your school-aged child, ‘tween, teen, adult or senior’s birthday or theme party. We specialize in a calm, quiet, indoor, animal encounter for the animal-lover and their guests, that will leave them with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Read Party Pets Details to learn how Party Pets works and to review our safety rules and set-up requirements.

[Parents: If you think your younger guests may be the more rambuctious, bounce house and sword fight types, then this probably isn’t the party program for you — we suggest a petting zoo for preschoolers or more active guests, which would allow them some extra run around time. You can find petting zoos online by searching for “petting zoo” and the name of your city.]

Animals Available

You can customize the party by selecting your favorite six animals from more than 50 species of rescued exotic animals! Or, ask our experienced educators to select the best animals for you — from the creepies and crawlies to the cute and cuddlies!


Party Pets Daytime
(5 pm or earlier)
Evenings (after 5 pm)
OR  Holidays
6 or 7-year old party, 15 children maximum
8-years old & older party, 20 child/guest maximum

Size limits are non-negotiable and strictly enforced; if the size limits are exceeded, we will switch to a “no touch” Stage Stars program. A non-refundable $100 deposit, payable by check or money order, net 5 days, is required to hold your party reservation.

Travel Fee

An additional travel fee is charged if you are located beyond 50 roundtrip miles from our North Dallas-based facility. Contact us with the street address of your event, in order to receive a fixed travel fee quote.

Free Party Favor [example]

Each guest gets a Zooniversity® safari pencil to remember the day.

Optional Guest Photo Sitting [example]

After show time, we’ll pose each of your guests holding one of our tame animal ambassadors—you take the picture. Great for party favors or thank you notes. Have your guests decorate picture frames as the party craft!

  • $20 extra

Optional Balloon Animals [example]

We’ll make-to-order a custom balloon animal party favor for each guest and store them out-of-reach until the end of the party (one per guest).

  • $40 extra

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